Tired of Tomorrow by Nothing

My wife has been telling me recently that the ’90s are having a revival. I could see hints of what she was saying going back to when I first heard Better Off a few years ago, but I didn’t really think about it back then.

Well today I got another glimpse of what she means. While Nothing┬ámay not be a direct throwback to the glory days of band like The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Dig and Glisten, they definitely call forth the sentiment of that style. I’m not a super-nostalgic person, yet I can’t help but get a bit of a smile across my face when I hear something that so clearly evokes the music I grew up listening to.

For your review, I present “Vertigo Flowers” by Nothing.

Hello, again!

Just to give a bit of an introduction, I’m Rob. I go by the handle/nickname of Robsteady just about everywhere on the internet. I’ve tried my hand at a few blogs in the past and they almost always end up dead and forgotten after a few posts (at best). Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer, but I often find I think too lowly of myself to seriously pursue doing it. I want to change that now. I want to actually push myself to follow my desire in a new way, and really keep at it.

To give a rough overview of what I expect to do here, my wife and I started a “road to minimalism” last year, and it has had a very profound effect on us. One of the main things I’ve gotten from it is to just slow down and really go after the things that are most important to you (me). As I said, writing is one of my biggest passions. I’ve also gone through a lot of other changes relating to religious and political views. These things include my identification as a non-trinitarian anarchist anabaptist Christian. This leads me into all sorts of realms relating to social justice issues and trying to find more ethical, sustainable and good-natured ways of living in our modern world. Because of these things I will touch on things like Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), human-trafficking, the modern abolition movement, companies who ethically source their products/materials and other human rights issues and movements.

This will be the beginning of a greater effort on my part to be my own Speaker… don’t worry, I’ll explain that as time goes on.

Until next time, ta ta!